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I offer one on one consulting services to business owners around the world. I can come to your office or we can do it all via the web, your choice. Although SEO is my primary service I offer business startup help as well. SEO changes constantly, that said, so do my techniques as I keep up with the changes. Lately YouTube video marketing has been a primary focus for my clients because it’s where they currently get the best return on their dollar. Of course to get you where you want to go, I need to know your starting point so first step is typically researching your current position vs. competitors. Some of the areas I also focus on are.

Organic Search

Major search engines like Google evaluate websites based on credibility and relevancy so that searchers find the best matches for their search. We look at the specific criteria that Google uses to evaluate websites and we make sure you show up on their radar. The better position you’ve got on the search results, the more customers for you.Ranking well for competitive keywords requires a full understanding of how search spiders work, what they are looking for, how to guide them in the direction. Proper SEO makes use of social media, maps, and should include mobile (.mobi) optimization. SEO is not as simple as just adding an ingredient to your website and then it’s done.

Paid Search

When you need results right away, paid search is the way to go. The time you sign up to the time you start seeing customers can be as quick as a matter of days. We use paid search and paid advertising to quickly drive customers, test landing pages, and research the market. We are constantly monitoring and improving your campaign to target only the searchers who want to find your services.
Google Ad-words, Yahoo and Bing campaign creation and optimization Landing page testing and optimization

Maps Optimization

There are over a billion local searches a month. With our customized marketing, we target your potential customers, and we put your contact info right under their noses. Customers will just be a phone call away.
Our dedicated team of marketing consultants will do a free analysis and find the most cost-effective ways to reach your goals through online marketing. What are you waiting for, let us help you get started today!
What’s a .mobi

How is YouTube relevant?

Google owns YouTube! A great YouTube channel will not only increase relevance to the site it’s backlinked too but will show up on Google front page search results if SEO’d correctly. I can create the video or work with existing videos you may have. Either way you need to be aggressive with YouTube marketing if you expect to keep up with competitors.


When we say we are empowered by passion, we mean it. This is the way we have stuck with since the very first day of our business. We are proud of what we have done but also very keen for what can be done.



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